I’m growing my p-ness (and getting it up all by myself)

I’m growing my p-ness (and getting it up all by myself)

I’m growing my p-ness (and getting it up all by myself)

Don’t worry, I’m not being inappropriate. What I wanted to do – aside from getting you to open the article – is try to somehow recreate the arresting feeling I had when this revelation came to me.

The wording in the title is actually referring to MBTI, which is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I typically come out as ENFJ. The first letter relates to how one gains their energy. E is for extraversion and I is for introversion. If you are the type of person who finds their energy level dramatically increases in the company of others then you would be likely to score somewhere higher up the E end of the scale than the I end. If you find group situations draining and need time alone to recharge, then you would likely score higher towards the I end.

The final coupling in the set of four is J versus P. J is for judgement and P is for perceiving. If you like agendas, keeping to time and working in ordered blocks, you’re very much a J type of person. If you tend to like keeping your options open and don’t feel the urgency of deadlines until the last moment, as you may have guessed, you’ll be higher up the P end.

Please remember, I am giving you a small peak through the curtain at MBTI. If it interests you, either visit their website or have a look at somewhere like 16personalities.com where you can do an MBTI-style test. As with any personality or behavioural preference test, they are also contextual, so ‘work you’ may be different from ‘home you’.

So, why I am trying to grow my perceiver-ness?

I recently went on a transformational empowerment course. It was actually to complete my firewalk instructor training. The way the guys at Success Formulae structured the course made it so much more though. The change started from day one for me. I remember going for lunch with three others on the first day and bringing up how I wanted an agenda to follow. The course was, of course, very well planned and structured. Its timetable, however fluid or rigid it may have been, wasn’t shared with us. Allowing myself to let go of the need for knowing what was going to happen on an hour by hour basis took some time and a lot of adjustment.

What I really learned is that by giving myself into the process, I got so much more from it. When we did things became immaterial. I was no longer distracted by whether we were running to time or not. I became immersed in the experience and the learning.

Getting my energy up all by myself!

Throughout the course, there were many opportunities to feed off the other delegates for energy. As a group, we were supercharged (and then some)! I think right up until the final night, I had, in a sense, devolved the responsibility of increasing my energy over to other people. Certainly, I believed that I was so far to the E end of the scale that there was little control I had over it.

Let me tell you though: when you do 109 firewalks in a row, you’ve got to be able to raise your own energy. I found a power within me that I never knew I had. I know how to get to it now and that will stay with me forever.

My conclusion

I think MBTI could do with a bit of a rehash. I’ve met people who score almost down the centreline for anything in MBTI. I think that centreline perhaps represents a low power, a kind of apathy if you will. I think that in reality, the lines need to rejoin at both ends to make a high power centre line, almost like on the opposing side of a sphere. If you can exercise choice and become midpoint at the high powered end, you’re empowered.

I could be wrong – maybe. I could be right – maybe. In fact, just the word “maybe” in its own right reminds me of a story. A story I will tell another day because right now, it’s time for me to continue this wonderful journey of discovery and empowerment.

Actually, this is my conclusion

This article really isn’t about MBTI as I’m sure you’ll agree. My real conclusion is that we all owe it to ourselves to become truly empowered. If that’s not a journey you’ve started on already, today is the perfect day to do so.

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